Transportation & mobility

Mobility behaviour - modal split

Personal experiences and attitudes are usually the basis on which questions of personal mobility and the choice of means of transport are dealt with.

In our analysis on mobility behaviour, we consider the fact that humans, transport, environment and technology are interrelated. Accordingly, our recommendations relate to the design of user-friendly technology and infrastructure as well as to user-oriented communication (communicating planning).

The dismantling of barriers in the environment and the motivation to an economic, social and environmentally sustainable mobility are further fundamentals of our recommendations.

Local public transport - regional rail transport

ZEUS supports local and national traffic companies and authorities in service strategies and quality management for an attractive public transport / regional rail. To this end, we offer a variety of consulting and analysis modules (e.g. customer satisfaction surveys, quality measurements, test customer deployments, acceptance testing) - either as a comprehensive quality assurance package or in individual modules.

Measurement of service quality in public transport:

  • Population Surveys, Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS) 
  • Mystery Shopping Studies (MSS)
  • Quality ratings - open test

For traffic companies and authorities we offer a test-customer method (or Silent Shopping, Mystery Shopping) which is tailored for the public transport and oriented to the requirements of DIN 13816. In the context of this method, test-customers examine carefully the service quality in local and regional traffic. Depending on needs and quality features to be tested, our staff will conduct concealed tests as a test-customer or open tests as a quality evaluator. Based on this analysis, we offer customized solutions to assist businesses in organisational processes or the implementation of personnel development measures.

Traffic safety

It is our goal that people can move safely in today´s mobile society. That´s why we combine the scientific expertise of transport economics with the knowlegde from psychology. Our experience shows that the number of road accidents can be reduced significantly by a detailed accident analysis and the implementation of prevention recommendations. We have already been successful in our projects to reduce traffic accidents among children in several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Traffic noise

In our field of work "Noise effects & noise protection" we deal thoroughly with the impact of traffic noise on people ... [learn more]